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1. In response to Taiwan’s national policy goal of “Ocean Policy” and the promotion of the Ocean Affairs Council, to best develop management skills for ocean affairs and enhance ocean strength for development.

2. Cultivate talents relating to marine laws in students, promote and guide opportunities and capabilities for career development of students in ocean policy public and private sectors in the future (in order to cater to the urgent need for talents in international and local marine policy affairs and development, and marine legal manpower).

3. Apart from initiating development of the National Taiwan Ocean University in Marine Science programs, the establishment of ocean policy-based programs also perfect the all-rounded development of the University.

4. Inherit Taiwan’s tradition in ocean law and policy education, cultivate professional planning and management talents in ocean law and policy major with well-rounded understanding in ocean policy, ocean policy and ocean management, so as to promote Taiwan’s education into the international platform of ocean law and policy education in international ocean countries.



Education Objectives

1. Train students’ understanding and familiarity with ocean law, ocean affairs.

2. Cultivate talents in blue economics investment, ocean emerging industry and marketing.

3. Help develop skilled law and policy talents of integrated policy planning in the market of Taiwan.

4. Cultivate law and policy talents that can evaluate and manage the ever-changing international politics and economics and ocean conditions.

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